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SERIES SUPPLIES was established in 2003 as an interior panel product supplier. Over the years, we had grown to become a leading manufacturer of routed panels. We expanded our line of interior and architectural products with manufacturing partners and some of the brightest new talent whom had entered our industry today that shared our original vision.


The cornerstone of our business is creating and supplying products to the interior design and architectural community that add significant value to their individual projects.
To always stay ahead and continue to produce products that offer a dramatic alternative to tradition flat panels. To offer a variety of texture, material, size and finish that allows the design profession many options and freedom of expression in usage of our products.


We cater mainly to the trade and continuously sought to understand the evolving needs in the interior and architectural industry. We are highly selective when adding to our permanent offerings and currently has over a hundred types of different designs in our 3 main categories of distinctive products that contain architectural elements such as waves, ornamental textures, modular repeating patterns, continuous patterns, single patterns and random patterns.Our research and development team is constantly watching the latest design and material trends, improving our current products, designing new patterns developing new processes, sourcing new materials and continue to lead the industry in ideas, quality, accuracy and design content.



Cool room dividers have became more popular because they are a good way to segment a big room and organize several independent areas. Grille Panels offer awesome room dividers which are created specially for modern and  contemporary interiors. Not limited for use as just dividers, Grille Panels are good alternative to be installed as feature and general ceiling, backlit ceiling or wall, deco lattice on windows or glass panels and mirror backed feature wall.
The panels are made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), CNC cut, primed and painted finish. We could customize and cater to your project requirement, custom design to different sizes and thickness as well as using different material such as moisture-resistance, fire-retardant and high density fiberboard.


We have redefined the term ‘feature wall’ since more than a decade ago. With our wide range of panels which have since become a must have item for many interior spaces. Our ever-growing exciting range of textured, carved, engraved or routed patterns, lending an architectural and sculptural feel to any space at a relatively low cost. Actively used as retail backdrop, facade, feature wall, feature ceiling and even on operable walls. Suitable for all kinds of general and artistic indoor application. All up to your creative imaginations.
The panels are made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), CNC cut, primed and painted finish. We could customize and cater to your project requirement, custom design to different sizes and thickness as well as using different material such as moisture-resistant, fire-retardant and high density fiberboard.


A simplified and low cost method of creating dividers within any given space. At a standard size of 380mm x 380mm, wastages will be minimized to zero. With the designs pre-cut and finished, its relatively easy to create a dividing curtain anytime almost instantly.
The panels are made of Melamine faced Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), CNC cut, sanded smooth at the edges. Holes pre-drilled at corners for easy installation on hooks. We could customize and cater to your project requirement, custom design to different sizes and thickness as well as using different material such as moisture-resistant, fire-retardant and high-density fiberboard.


Made from high quality resin and carefully selected infill materials. The resin panels are suitable for installation in any kind of interior space with a wide range of infill materials to suit different concepts to be used as dividers, accent wall, counter front, backlit wall, facade, doors, furniture and many more up to ones imagination.



Metals are no longer looking cold with some brushing and grinding techniques to bring out the best look in the usual cold and dull aluminum panel. Different techniques were used to achieve the desired look, with colors added to some designs that made the panels come to life in natural or artificial light. Shadows, reflections, silhouettes and 3D effects are achieved. These brushed panels move, react and continually delight with their distinct moods and personalities adding an element of industrial elegance to your interior design.


Made from high-density polyurethane foam, every single piece is carefully finished to the desired result. The graffiti boards are easy to install and replace. They serve as a great option to dress up any wall or ceiling space with ease anytime.


Block dividers, a visually dynamic divider screen that adds character and dimension to any indoor or outdoor space. The two-sided sculptural screens are made to resemble solid cast blocks. Made of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), the panels are lightweight and can be easily installed with our proprietary joining method.
FRP is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The polymer is usually an epoxy, vinylester or polyester thermosetting plastic. FRP is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries.
They are easy-to-clean, impact resistant and durable surface you need for high traffic areas. It will not rot, stain or corrode, dent or splinter and will not support mold or mildew..


New product, through innovative ideas, perfect design, integration of modern and classic style created with a simple structure. Manufactured through a specific mold casting main panel and using stainless steel or plastic as facade finish. A perfect replacement for the usual heavy metal screens. Relatively simple to assemble and install, a great option for divider, window screens and outstanding ceiling feature.


Innovative, durable and environmentally friendly wall covering that will create many possibilities. Combining the use of cutting edge technology with environmentally friendly recycled plant fiber, results in a cleaner, greener product. Empty walls no longer need to be restricted to a mere splash of color or patterned wall paper. Embossed Wallcovering provides a creative and cost effective solution for bringing walls to life in the home or 
commercial environment. The design applications of Embossed Wallcovering are limited only by your imagination and it can be utilized to create high impact feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere of elegance and refinement.


Coconut, seashells, rivershells, bamboo and many forms of wood are natural material found in most tropical countries and commonly used as raw material to produce handicrafts and souvenirs. However, at Series Supplies we think differently.
We had made full use of all the natural materials and their aesthetic properties to create our very own range of Handmade Panel and successfully bringing nature indoors.




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